About Our Roasters

We love trying out new roasters and have had the opportunity to sample coffees from a LOT of them. As we have journeyed, experimented and have interacting with so many, the ones we have decided to work with have really stood out to us. Let me tell you a little about each of them!

Flatlands Coffee

When Sarah and I first got married, we lived in Bowling Green Ohio for about a year and a half. Many days we would meet at our favorite coffee shop (can you guess where?).

I was always impressed at the coffee menu, because it was unlike any I had seen before. Instead of simply “Hot Coffee” Each selection had an array of flavors, that I was only used to seeing describe fine bottles of wine, or craft IPAs. The more often we went there, the more I came to love the unique and delicious arrays of coffee I would find there.

I have always been impressed by the attention to detail Ben and the crew at flatlands always showed to every aspect of the shop. They have won multiple specialty coffee award, and it definitely shines through in their cafe.

In many ways, it was my experience at Flatlands that started my obsession with specialty coffee. When I began considering a specialty coffee business of my own, Ben was also instrumental in helping us to get started.

Check them out at Flatlandscoffee.com

ILSE Coffee

In our pursuit of specialty coffee, we ran across some bags in particular from a little-known local roaster where flavors were popping through, vibrant and unique like blue raspberry and gummy-bear. The more I learned more about Lucas and Rebecca, we discovered that they too were a small start-up passionate about Craft Coffee. Their Drive for excellence was apparent, and I knew I wanted to work with them.

“We believe, like with most things, starting with the best raw product is extremely important. We look for coffees that are naturally sweet and flavorful, as we have a strong appreciation for a fruit-forward cup. With that being said, we are an ingredient-driven coffee company.

Our goal as coffee roasters is to bring out the natural sweetness and flavor
that is a result of all the hard work done by producers at origin. We never want to impart any roast flavor in our already beautifully vibrant coffees. We want to bring out the truth in the coffee we buy.”

– Lucas & Rebecca 

Check them out at ILSECoffee.com: