About Our Shop

Our Mission at True Adventure Coffee is to teach and inspire people about the art of Craft Coffee.

Our Craft

Our Specialty is Craft Pour-Over Coffee. Far from “Just Black” Craft pour-over reveals an incredible complexity from the natural flavors that have been so carefully crafted all the way from the farm, to the roaster, and now lies in the hands of you, the brewer. Our Shop is designed to teach and inspire you to learn and grow in the craft of specialty coffee. Our offering is simple, yet elegant and functional, offering the essentials for your own pursuit of the ‘perfect’ cup of coffee.

Our selection is carefully curated for the pursuit of the art of craft coffee. If you are looking for easy and automatic, this may not be the store for you. In our eyes, the most interesting destinations aren’t found from the easiest paths. If you are curious, adventurous and ready to try something new, come with us and we will show you exciting possibilities in a world known to most as mundane and predictable.

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