How Coffee Can Change Your Life

Featured Change Your Coffee, Change your life I believe there is great power in establishing mindful and intentional routines in our lives. Our morning ritual can set the trajectory for the type of day that we will have. Our days turn into weeks, leading to months gone by, and define how we live our life. [...]

How to Brew With a Hario V60

So, first of all, there are a lot of variations to this answer. I don't believe there is a single, the one, answer here. Although absolutes are nice, this is where fun and experimentation come into play! Each coffee is a little bit different, from its roast level, to its chemical composition, which makes a [...]

What is Craft Coffee?

What is "Craft Coffee" and what makes it different from regular coffee? Craft Coffee has been intentionally curated and artfully processed to produce a natural product that is intensely flavorful, highly aromatic and complex. I’ve heard people say I can’t really tell a difference between good coffee or bad coffee. The problem that I find [...]