The True Adventure Story

What is the “True Adventure”?

We believe everyone has been crafted for their own True Adventure; Something that calls to their hearts, and makes them come alive.

This is our True Adventure, and we want you to come!


We believe everyone has an adventure to live. 

True Adventure Coffee is much more than a coffee shop, It’s our dream. As we pursue this adventure, we hope that we will inspire you to live the True Adventure

We believe that everyone has been hand-crafted and designed on purpose. Their talents, experiences, personalities, and desires are intentional and combine to form a unique opportunity that calls to their hearts, if they chose to listen.

Whether it braving the high seas or raising a house of kids, everyone’s adventure is unique and worth living fully. Whatever quest stands before you, seize it, enjoy it. Our challenge to you is, what is your True Adventure? Will you choose to live it?

As with coffee, what most know as mundane and bitter, can be vibrant, full of life and unexpected.

Our Mission

  • True life IS the “True Adventure”, embrace it with its challenges, joys, and curveballs.
  • Live life like an adventure, spending it with my wife and family, be creative, honor God, and make a difference. Travel and explore, build good relationships.
  • May our interactions leave those around us better off. From our suppliers to our customers, By supporting the economies of impoverished nations in Africa, to bringing hope and inspiration to the hurting in America.
  • Present the highest-quality coffee as it was truly designed to be. Showcase its incredible variety of flavors and characteristics to produce a coffee experience that most have never encountered.

Come with us! Along the way I will tell the story though our blog, share lessons we learn along the way, and what we are planning next. I hope you join us, I think it’s gonna be fun!

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