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A consistent, even grind is a crucial component of craft coffee.  Poor and Inconsistent grind results in parts of the coffee being over-extracted, introducing bitter notes, while other parts are left under-extracted, resulting in sour notes, and generally bad tasting coffee.  A high-quality burr grinder is a critical first step in brewing Craft Coffee at home.

Fellow’s Ode masterfully designed Precision Coffee grinder has been crafted specifically for Craft Coffee methods including AeroPress®, pour-over, French press, cold brew, and more.

The Ode features 64 mm professional-grade flat burrs, 31 grind settings, and single dose loading for maximum bean freshness. A PID Controller ensures a consistent grind by exposing every bean to the same force.

By adding loads of thoughtful and effective design elements, Ode transforms your morning ritual into a quicker, quieter, and more enjoyable experience, so now you are set up to brew some seriously amazing craft coffee!

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  1. The Fellow Ode coffee grinder arrived about a week ago and we love it! Our old coffee grinder grinds coffee beans into flour with too coarsely ground bean chunks, making the brewed coffee taste off. The Fellow Ode coffee grinder is quiet, stops when it’s done. And grinds the beans consistently throughout. Its small size fits well next to our coffee makers. Coffee we had purchased that we didn’t think we liked tasted so much better, we may buy more! Love it!

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