Craft Pour-Over Set | Olive Wood


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The items below are my absolute favorites that elegantly cover the basics to get you started brewing craft coffee.

  1. Pour-Over Cone & Filters:  The pour-over process allows you to control the important variables in the brew process, such as even extraction, water temperature, even application & agitation.
  2. Stag EKG Electric Gooseneck Kettle:  Water temperature and agitation have an enormous impact on coffee extraction.  As temperature and turbulence of pour vary, so will extraction and therefore the quality of the final cup. The Fellow Stag EKG is a very elegant kettle designed especially for the art of craft pour-ver. This kettle allows you to set an exact temperature, and sports a precision pour-spout, along with counterbalanced handle that help to deliver an exact, controlled pour.
  3. Precision Scale & Timer: A precise ratio of coffee to water, as well as timing your pours are critical to dialing in your pour-over and getting a consistently good cup of coffee.


Some items NOT included in this kit that I would further recommend to take your coffee to the next level:

  • Burr Coffee Grinder:  Fresh ground coffee is a critical component of Craft Coffee.  The moment coffee is ground, it begins to lose some of the aromatic qualities that make the coffee pop.  I always recommend buying whole-bean coffee directly from the roaster, and grinding it right before your brew for best results.  Grind size also plays a huge role in proper extraction, so being able to control this variable will become a huge part of your process.

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Weight 7.715 lbs
V60 Style

Copper, White – Ceramic

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