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Apricot, orange, cranberry, sugarcane, English breakfast tea.

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Caramel apple, plum, brown sugar

Enjoy this specially-crafted blend where the natural coffee flavors perfectly align with the season. Put on your fall sweater, go outside to see the beautifully turning leaves, and cozy up with the tasting notes of caramel apple, plum, and brown sugar in this ‘Turning Leaves’ fall blend. This magical season calls for a magical coffee. To create the most dynamic flavor profile, this blend consists of three origins and all uniquely processed. The Sumatran component is wet-hulled, the Costa Rican component is an anaerobic honey, and the Brazilian component is natural processed. Together, these coffees create that magical and memorable flavor profile that will enable you to experience the season in a new light. Available only for the season.


This blend consists of equal parts of three coffees:

  1. Wet-hulled Indonesian Sumatran coffee grown in the Aceh highlands of the Sunda Islands. This coffee was harvested in April-June from various smallholder farmers. Within the blend, it brings a plum and brown sugar sweetness, while also highlighting some spice notes.

  2. Anaerobic honey processed Costa Rican coffee grown in the Tarrazu region, produced by Luis Campos, Cordillera de Fuego, and the San Diego Mill. This coffee was harvested in January-March. Within the blend, this coffee echoes the plum and brown sugar of the Sumatran coffee, while also offering distinct caramel apple and cinnamon notes.

  3. Natural processed Serra Negra Brazil coffee grown in the Minas Gerais. This coffee was harvested in April-June from various smallholder farmers. Within the blend, this coffee offers a rich mouthfeel, nuttiness, and an acidity that highlights the apple found within the Costa Rican coffee. This coffee when roasted alone, received a special mention by Food & Wine Magazine.

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