True Adventure Coffee: The Story of a Start-up

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

Walt Disney

The Dream:

I am a dreamer, finally making a dream come true.    I am passionate about ideas and can’t stop thinking of ways to improve things, building things, design things. 

I’m an Industrial Engineer, and my wife is a wedding photographer, and we have a 1-year old daughter.  Since the day we got married, we have dreamed of starting our own business and traveling the world together. Thus was born the vision: A Traveling coffee business! 

We are starting a Coffee Bus!!

This idea remained safely a dream until one day,  I read too many Entrepreneur books, and hit the tipping point between dreaming, and living.   Lots of obstacles stand between us, and this dream.  Sarah and I both have active careers and during wedding season, Sarah is booked solid. We also have a very old house that needs immense work, and our baby girl keeps us on our toes. But this business is our dream.

I hit the tipping point between dreaming, and living.

I imagine if you are reading this, you can relate.  You may have a dream, and need a push, or maybe you are a pursuing your dream, and could use support, or perhaps you are living your dream and have sage wisdom to share.  This is why I’ve decided to chronicle our journey, so we can share experiences together. 

This story is a current-state, step-by-step journey of this pursuit.  I have no experience with starting a business,  so this story is raw, untested and unfiltered, so who knows what will happen!  

I would love constructive feedback from experts, encouragement by fellow start-ups, and maybe even to inspire someone to pursue their dream.

This is our adventure, and I want you to come with us!

The Mission:

  • Present the highest-quality coffee as it was truly designed to be. Showcase its incredible variety of flavors and characteristics to produce a coffee experience that most have never encountered.
  • Live life as it was meant to be lived.  This life IS the “True Adventure”, embrace it with its challenges,  joys and curve-balls.  I want to spend time with wife and family, be creative, honor God, make a difference. Travel and explore, build good relationships.
  • Improve the lives of people around us.  From our suppliers, to our customers, may our interactions leave people better off.  From supporting the economies of impoverished nations in Africa, to bringing hope and inspiration to the hurting in America.

The Legacy

Everyone has an adventure to live. 

Whether it braving the high seas, or raising a house of kids.  hiking Everest or exploring a new career.  Venturing uncharted land, or an unfamiliar responsibility.  Everyone’s adventure is unique, and worth living fully. Whatever quest stands before you, seize it, enjoy it.

As with coffee, what most know as mundane and bitter, can be vibrant, full of life and contain unexpected experiences.

Share Our Journey

Come and share this journey with us! Feel free to message us with advice, wisdom and encouragement, and invite others who would like to come as well

Stay tuned! I will be posting our first steps shortly!

I hope you come, I think it’s gonna be a fun ride!

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